_iheartyou22 (_iheartyou22) wrote in were_not_stupid,

i realize i havnt updated in forever, but i read all of you guys' updates everyday.

i havnt done that great lately. the past three days have consisted of
fasting through the day then extreme binges come 6 or 7pm.

my mom leaves tomorrow for three weeks so i can finally get away with fasting for a while. my dad is easy to fool.

i think starting tomorrow i might try and three day fast. if you'd like to join, let me know. we can keep each other going :)

as for trying to get adderall, i complained to my mom about not being
able to focus and stuff. she did some research and now i have an
appointment to talk to a psychiatrist feb 23. she said that i might
have ADD/ADHD. HAH! adderall here i come. hopefully it works out and i
get some. ill keep you guys posted.

how have you guys been? fill me in on whats new with you! :]

if any of these are you and would like them removed, just let me know. you guys know the drill.

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